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Understanding Your Cloud Rights

12/06/2011 by: The SunView Team

The good news is that the momentum behind The Cloud has produced a number of intuitive products that businesses are now starting to implement, and then see true ROI. At the same time, as The Cloud and solutions offered via that medium start to mature, there are a few questions that still need to be answered about the security of your data.

Unfortunately, given the newness of the Cloud the extent to which companies may be responsible for your data, and your rights as a customer remain ambiguous, and in some cases undefined. To make things even more difficult, while there is a good deal of information about the features and functionality of various solutions, guidance on how to make sure you choose a high quality provider versus one that is just out to capitalize on the latest catch phrase, is lacking. That is, until recently.

As it has routinely proven to be, the Web is consistently providing a set of great resources to call upon. Case in point, a recent article at Tech Republic addresses information you should know before you commit data to a public cloud service. Head over there and read through it. Even if you have already signed your contract, there is some great advice on what to look for, and specific examples of information security contract clauses.

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