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Transparency an Essential Cog in Change Management Machine

01/21/2014 by: The SunView Team

Change Management, CMDB

Effective change management is a critical component of both corporate and technology strategies. As such, many of the broad strategies that business leaders think about when making process changes also apply to technology adjustments. One clear common need is for transparency.

A recent article in the Canadian HR Reporter explained that many organizations struggle with making changes effectively because core attitudes about shifting operations are flawed. As such, there is a lack of transparency and an inability to fully understand the implications of any adjustment.

The news source explained that this attitude often starts near the top of an organization, where many leaders do not take employee concerns about change seriously, but also fail to fully consider the implications of an adjustment. As such, workers with legitimate worries are ignored, and the lack of transparency throughout the process prevents organizations from effectively understanding all of the issues at stake.

Similarly, IT leaders can struggle to understand the full implications of a change because it is difficult to get a clear view of the entire IT configuration and how it will be affected by a few alterations. This makes a CMDB system incredibly important, as the relational database offers organizations the transparency they need to effectively understand the entire technology landscape and how it will be affected by change.

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