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Top ITSM Headlines of the Week - 9/19

09/19/2011 by: The SunView Team

We are going to try moving our headlines to Monday for now. Please enjoy.

'Consumerization of IT' Taking Its Toll on IT Managers - CIO - "Consumerization of IT" may be an overused phrase, but it is by no means a fad. Workers nationwide are coming to expect that personal devices will connect to corporate networks. But while the...

When Students Run the Help Desk - THE Journal - Help Desk | Feature When Students Run the Help Desk A Massachusetts high school will take a bold step this fall by training students to handle most of the troubleshooting and problem solving for it...

Google's Outage Is A Lesson In Excellent IT Operations « Candid CIO - September 13, 2011Google had an outage this week. Google Docs, which I use at home, was down for about an hour. They wrote a post about the outage on their blog. I think this post is a great lesson...

Avoid a "Cloudage" with Proper Change Management Controls - Contrary to popular belief, a cloudage is not a massing of clouds, nor is it a period of technical "fluffiness" following the information age. In fact, you'll read it first here on the ITSM Lens, a...

Top 20 (OK, 50) ITIL Adoption Mistakes - In a "spare" hour this afternoon I needed to create a list of the Top 20 ITIL adoption mistakes for a Forrester client. An hour later (I made sure I time boxed myself to avoid scope creep €¦ oh de...