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Top Headlines in Tech | 10/24/2011

10/24/2011 by: The SunView Team

Apple announced that the Steve Jobs memorial, created by employees, will be hosted at Like Apple, many organizations work towards being green - in any manner of speaking. Computer World has a list of the greenest of the bunch. Looking at a different shade of green, Facebook is testing credits outside of facebook. Plus, Wikileaks is apparently having green issues of its own, having had a blockade placed in front of would be donations. Finally, Microsoft should look a little greener with its latest patent win. All that on Today';s Top Headlines in Tech.

Apple posts video of Jobs memorial on - MSNBC
Apple is allowing the general public to get a look at a heartfelt and star-studded memorial service it held for employees to celebrate the life of Steve Jobs at its Cupertino headquarters last week.
Computerworld's top 12 green-IT organizations were chosen from a group of 70 applicants, each striving to find new ways to reduce energy consumption in their IT equipment and use technology to lower energy use elsewhere in their operations.
Facebook isn';t a true PayPal competitor, but it';s taking some steps toward becoming an online payments provider outside of its Facebook properties. The social networking giant has begun testing the use of Facebook Credits on two games, Uno Boost and Collapse! Blast, both available on gaming portal GameHouse.
A financial blockade by Visa and MasterCard is threatening the existence of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange says. According to Assange, those two companies and a few other payment-processing entities stopped processing donations to WikiLeaks following DDoS attacks on the Visa and MasterCard websites and the general disapproval of the United States government, landing the site in financial trouble.
Microsoft now has licence deals with companies "accounting for over half of all Android devices".