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Top Headlines in Tech | 10/21/2011

10/21/2011 by: The SunView Team

More data was transmitted over the Internet in 2010 than all previous years combined. Our bet is that Google is at the forefront of much of that transmission. Meanwhile, they're setting their sights on the enterprise, an idea that an LA councilman likely won't be onboard with. Perhaps he's still holding on to the notion of a BlackBerry nation. And finally, ever wonder why most computer voices seem to be female? The answer to that and details for the rest of our Top Headlines in Tech.

There was more data transmitted over the Internet in 2010 than the entire history of the Internet through 2009.
Google looks close to unleashing Google+ on the enterprise.
A Los Angeles city councilman is demanding answers about Google Inc.'s $7.2-million contract to provide 30,000 city employees with email - and why after two years nearly half of those employees still haven't moved to Google's system.
Remember when we were the BlackBerry Nation? When we couldn't bear to be apart from our Crackberries? A few months ago?
To most owners of the new iPhone, the voice-activated feature called Siri is more than a virtual "assistant" who can help schedule appointments, find a good nearby pizza or tell you if it's going to rain.