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Top Headlines in Tech | 10/12/2011

10/12/2011 by: The SunView Team

Unfortunately, it's likely that many of our BlackBerry friends are unable to read today's headlines. In contrast, iOS users have a new version to install on their iPhones, iTouches, and iPads. Also, if you're using a Sony TV, use caution, it might catch fire. Finally, don't feel bad if circles and plusses seem confusing - even Google engineers have trouble using the system. All this and more in today's Top Headlines in Tech.

Millions of BlackBerry users remained without service on Wednesday as a three-day outage spread to North America.
After 128 days, 7 Beta releases, and 1 gold master, it's finally arrived. iOS 5 has just been released to everyone (or at least, everyone with a compatible iOS device).
Setting back its efforts to repair its reputation regarding online security, Sony Corp. said it was forced to suspend about 93,000 user accounts after discovering a "large amount" of unauthorized sign-in attempts on its PlayStation Network and other online entertainment services.
The bad news for Sony doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon. Right on the heels of revealing yet another security issue with its PlayStation Network earlier this week, the brand's television division has just announced a worrisome defect that affects 1.6 million Sony Bravia TV sets.
Social networking privacy settings can be confusing, even for the most tech-savvy users out there. Late last night, a Google engineer of some renown posted a lengthy (4503 words), harsh critique of Google Plus to the very network he was criticizing. He meant to share it with his Circle of Google colleagues, but through some user error, he instead shared it publicly.