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Today's Top Headlines in Tech | 10/05/2011

10/05/2011 by: The SunView Team

Microsoft moves to control your TV, while India introduces the World's cheapest table. Amazon's "Fire" sale numbers may be a little fuzzy, and could lack of an iPhone 5 be just what competitors in the smartphone arena needed? Also, if you're looking for Wikipedia in Italy, you're out of luck. All that from our search across the web to find today's Five, Most Interesting Headlines in Tech:

You already know about Verizon bringing live TV to the Xbox 360, but it turns out that was just the tip of
Microsoft's great big television-related iceberg.
New Delhi (CNN) - India's Ministry of Education on Wednesday revealed what it calls the least expensive computer tablet in the world: a device that costs 2,276 rupees, or less than $50.
Stephen Colbert added "truthiness" to the lexicon, but Amazon is surely the master of "mathiness"-fuzzy numbers-ish public statements that tout the Kindle's massive success without actually stating how many Kindles or e-books have been sold. (This 2010 press release, with its mentions of Christmas Day and the contents of Amazon's "most remote shipment" to the Arctic Circle, might be my favorite example.) That's never stopped analysts and others from trying to fill in some actual data-an urge that has increased sharply with the announcement of the Kindle Fire.
Computerworld - Over two-thirds of the online buzz Tuesday about Apple's new iPhone 4S was negative, a social media monitoring company said today.
Reuters) - Wikipedia has disabled its Italian website in protest against a privacy law drafted by Silvio Berlusconi's government which would impose new restrictions on newspapers and Internet pages and curb police wiretaps.