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Third-Platform Technologies Taking Hold - Is Your Service Desk Ready?

12/10/2013 by: The SunView Team

Change Management, Service desk

We have arrived at the time of year when leading technology research firms release their predictions for 2014 and leave the rest of us on the edge of our seats hoping to find out what technologies are taking hold. According to IDC, all signs point to the rapid rise of the third platform, a designation the firm has assigned to the unification of cloud, mobile, social and big data systems that are increasingly used in concert with one another.

Companies trying to adapt to the third platform may need to be ready for significant change, and having a solid IT service desk solution in place can play an integral role in this process.

Looking at the influence of third-platform solutions
IDC anticipates that the third platform will become the norm in just about any technology industry. This will contribute to a general increase in IT spending, which is set to rise 5 percent year over year to hit $2.1 trillion. Approximately 89 percent of that fiscal increase will come from projects regarding the third platform.
Businesses reacting to the third platform may need to make major adjustments, making change management solutions critical. This change will not happen on a small scale either. Frank Gens, senior vice president and chief analyst at IDC, explained that the third platform's initial influence in 2013 will increase dramatically in 2014.

"The 3rd Platform's impact was felt throughout the ICT industry in 2013 as ... billion-dollar bets were placed on 3rd Platform technologies," said Gens. "In 2014, we'll see every major player make big investments to scale up cloud, mobile, and big data capabilities, and fiercely battle for the hearts and minds of the developers who will create the solutions driving the next two decades of IT spending. Outside the IT industry, 3rd Platform technologies will play a leading role in the disruption (or "Amazoning") of almost every other industry on the planet."

Change and the third platform - be ready for disruption
The technologies that make up the third platform represent some of the most disruptive solutions to impact businesses in a long time. As these systems gain prominence across a wide range of sectors, IT leaders must develop ways to implement change efficiently and without risk. Handling these IT adjustments can prove incredibly problematic, as any adjustments to infrastructure or software configurations must be carefully coordinated and aligned with one another to avoid data loss, downtime or other problems.

An effective change management strategy can play an integral role in this process, particularly for businesses that are trying to align both internal and third-party services or support bring-your-own-device strategies. These issues represent the core of third-platform technologies, marking clear challenges that can leave organizations struggling to keep up with challenges in areas ranging from incident handling to change coordination and release management.

Responding to the disruptive nature of third-platform technologies depends on being prepared. IT leaders with an effective service desk and change management platform in place can position themselves to coordinate and effectively plan the various IT changes impacting contemporary businesses. BYOD, cloud computing and the rise of social technologies creates a situation in which incidents can become more common, change is more complex and application releases or updates take place at an increased frequency.

This rise in incidents, change and releases creates a new dynamic for IT leaders, forcing them to adjust the way they handle day-to-day service management functions. The end result is a situation in which IT service desk functionality could prove an essential component of industry success in the emerging third-platform-driven era of enterprise technology.

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