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The Top 10 from the Good Old Days of Tech

01/07/2013 by: The SunView Team

We are now well into 2013 and I am sure your IT Organization has started to implement all of the grandiose plans laid out for the year. OK, maybe not. Maybe your team has been tasked with doing a preparatory investigation into the possibility of implementing one of the far-reaching IT improvements potentially scheduled for the 2013 budget year. Or just as likely, 2013 is going to be more of the same, yet another exciting year in the world of the Service Desk.

Well, as a follow up to one of my previous posts, 10 Old Technologies to Jettison for 2013, I would, like to reminisce a little bit and talk about some of the IT items that we miss the most from the good old days. In his post, 10 IT relics I really miss, from October 22, 2012, Brien Posey lists 10 things he misses. My favorite is #5 - in-person help desk visits.

If your Help Desk / Service Desk hasn't been substantially upgraded since the 1980s, no reminiscing will be required, but you should check out the free offer below.

Since most user calls to the modern Service Desk, allow for direct access to the users desktop, the technician no longer gets to "meet" the customer. This was a real bonus for the technicians and the users alike. This is a benefit of a bygone era and something that really resonates with me. As Brien's post notes:
Back in the early 90s, I worked as a help desk technician for a large company. At the time, the help desk techs had to make in-person visits to the users who were having problems. I got to know everyone at the company very well. And even though I haven't worked there for almost 18 years, I am still in close contact with a number of those users today. In fact, I met my wife when she made a call to the help desk.

Since I have an old Atari Video Computer System on my desk at the office (today's picture is of my desk), I was particularly nostalgic about #10 - easily modifiable code. Of course, my prop is the 2600, the one with the color TV switch - ooh.

Finally, I miss applications that were based on easily modifiable code. In the 80s, most of the software that was available for the Radio Shack Color Computer and for the Commodore 64 was written in a way that made it possible for amateur programmers to make modifications. For example, when I was a kid, I once modified a flight simulator in a way that equipped a Cessna with missiles.

When one of my coworkers first saw my Atari, he told a very similar story. He fondly remembers writing code as a kid for the Atari. You have to miss the days of easy code and human interactions with your users. Why not share your memories of the good old days of tech. I would enjoy hearing from you.

Image by Martin Grobisen