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The Magic in an ITSM Solution

09/19/2012 by: The SunView Team

Can a software solution help your IT organization meet regulatory requirements no matter which industry you are in? That would seem like magic. Do you believe in magic? If not, simply use an ITIL-based solution to build a best-in-class Service Desk with reporting to help meet your industry-specific regulatory compliance.

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The Magic is Real!

In the healthcare industry for example, you must ensure adherence to HIPAA and other regulatory requirements. If your Service Desk does not follow a process when responding to user Request For Change (RFC) then compliance issues will inevitably occur. Instead, utilizing an ITIL-based process will allow your IT team to address user RFCs with the confidence that the process will help to ensure compliance.

If you are in the legal field, then you are constantly dealing with the personal information of your clients. Much of the information may fall under HIPAA as well if it is related to a Personal Injury case. Therefore, your data management is required to be fully compliant with all HIPAA regulations with regards to confidential patient information. If an ITSM solution could work as the basis for a healthcare solution, then it should also fit the needs of a law firm, even one engaged in healthcare related cases.

Is NERC compliance your area of regulatory concern? Well, the magic continues. Yes, Virginia, an ITIL solution works for utilities too!

Compliance is King

Your Service Desk needs to be compliant with regulations, ranging from HIPAA to SOX. Be sure that your processes are build on the ITIL foundation to drive efficiency, customer satisfaction and ultimately, regulatory compliance.

ChangeGear 5.0 is designed with the following 2 keys to rapid implementation:

  1. Access to ITIL-based workflows right out-of-the-box.
  2. Simple to use with an intuitive interface that reduces training time.
Ensure regulatory compliance with an out-of-the-box ITIL-based ITSM solution and you will find the magic of a single software solution regardless of industry.