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The 5 ITSM Qualities to Becoming a Great Service Desk

08/28/2012 by: The SunView Team

Improving the quality, reliability and efficiency of your Service Desk dramatically increases your team's value to the organization. And in these times of tight budgets it is a great way to contribute to the company's bottom line.

So, have you considered an ITSM solution? Here are 5 key "must have" qualities for choosing the RIGHT solution:

1. Cloud & On Premises Versions
Does the solution provider offer you the flexibility of either cloud or on-premises alternatives to meet your organization's needs. This can be particularly important for those in the highly regulated industries where regulatory restrictions may not favor cloud solutions.

2. Built-In ITIL Process
Look for a solution that offers ITIL-based processes right out of the box for fast ROI. The solution should be based on the ITIL best practices framework, allowing your company to gain greater visibility into your IT infrastructure, increase security, eliminate system downtime, re¬duce operational costs, and ensure regulatory compliance. Your solution needs to supply pre-defined workflows enabling Service Desk staff to easily track and manage the entire service ticket lifecycle, from notification of assignments to ticket resolution.

3. Rapid Implementation
Choose a solution provider whose software was designed using ITIL - featuring workflow automation, intelligent tracking, and an integrated architecture. This will drive you towards improved Service Desk operations in days, not months.

4. Easy to Configure
Besides providing a number of pre-defined reports out of the box to meet your requirements, the solution should also support do-it-yourself customizations with a drag-n-drop interface. Customized reporting created with easy-to-use ad hoc reporting tools is another important feature.

5. Low TCO
Insure that your solution has a low total cost of ownership when compared with other enterprise ITSM solutions A cost-effective solution should also have flexible licensing that doesn't lock you into current software versions.

Look for a total Service Desk solution that is ITIL ready right out of the box with the features listed above and more. This will ensure a fast, successful implementation.