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11/23/2011 by: The SunView Team

With technology pervading every aspect of our lives, few realize that a lot of personal sacrifices are made to minimize technology down time, and ensure each of us has access to our technological necessities every day of the year. Taking that a step further we also tend to take for granted the true life or death responsibilities that IT professionals deal with each and every day.

Whether it';s life-prolonging medical equipment or systems that keep us safe from those that would try and do us harm, IT is at the core of ensuring we can live safe, happy lives. Unfortunately, if you have ever worked in IT, you know it can really be one of those thankless jobs. The long weekends lost during company moves. Not to mention all the missed holidays, birthday parties, and other important events that just "come with the territory."

Of course, while we fully appreciate anyone';s choice of careers, and realize no one (we hope) is forced into IT, we definitely feel there are times when there just might be a slight lack of appreciation, the world over, for what IT professionals do. So, as millions of drivers take to the road here in the US, traveling to their destination of choice for the our biggest eating event of the year, we';d like to extend a special thanks to all those individuals working in IT - no matter what holiday you might be missing.

Thanks You.

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