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Ten Key Items to Add to Your Service Catalog

01/09/2012 by: The SunView Team

If you have been keeping up with the ITSM Lens, you should know we are huge proponents of the service catalog. Even though it may take your company some time to set up, it should reduce many of the tickets and calls coming into your help desk. If you do not have a service catalog, use the list below as a starting point. If you do have one, cross-reference with your current service catalog, making sure you have these common items.

1. Password Reset

Password reset may be the most common request to the help desk. Many companies have automated the process of the reset, but without a place for the customers to access it, they will end up putting in a ticket.
2. Network Setup
Whether your customers are still on XP, Vista, Win 7, or even Mac OS, customers will need help connecting to the internet. With the mobility or the work force today, customers will be switching networks and need help getting back on even if you originally set it up.
3. Mobile Email Setup
With the smart phone revolution, the first thing many people want to do is add their work email. Not everyone is savvy enough to know about IMAP or POP3 and they don't want to know, they just want it to work.
4. Printer Setup
We have all watched "The Office"-there is a huge decline in paper and printer sales but in the enterprise they are still in heavy enough use to warrant be included.
5. Phone/Voicemail Setup
A friend of mine told me he forgot to set up his voicemail for 3 months after starting the job. Not a huge deal because he didn't receive many calls. However, by that time he had lost the instructions. A service catalog could have fixed this.
6. Computer/Laptop Setup
In some businesses, this is at the core of IT Operations - setting up new, or upgrading existing, customer's Computers/Laptops. Even if this is typically a one time deal, make this experience easy for your customers. Create an item in the service catalog that allows them to request setup of a Computer/Laptop, making sure to include any options your team may offer. In addition, make sure you capture any necessary information in the request now, rather than later.
7. Software Installation
Whether you need to list how to install Google Chrome or licensed software like the Microsoft Office Suite, I recommend a software installation item. List best-practices on where to download from and what not to download. Explain how to get copies of licensed software. This is good information to make available to your customers.
8. Virus Removal
I remember back in college we would receive emails alerted of the latest viruses that were making their way around the campus. They would also list a remedy that would fix the problem for most end users. Unless your customer receives the email before or slightly after the problem occurs, they will be looking for help. On a side note: I am saddened to see that my college's IT department is still using a PDF as their service catalog.
9. Mobile Network Setup
iPhone, iPad, Android,Windows Phone 7€¦ and the list goes on. Places with a complex firewalls make it difficult to connect without instructions. Save the headache and create an item for this.
10. VPN Access
When having remote email is not enough, customers need full access to their computer or company server. Sometimes this can be done manually and sometimes it will need a ticket, a service catalog entry can guide your customers to a quick resolution.
This is a good starting point for any company, and a good checklist for those who already have a service catalog. If you have any other items you think would be good, add them to the comments.