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Technology in Education Drives Need for Change Management

05/01/2013 by: The SunView Team

The pace of change in the Higher Education sector is increasing at ever increasing speed. Everything is online from the course syllabus to the students' final grades, from the lesson plans and lectures to some complete courses. Managing the change in the IT Organization is a challenge in every industry, but with the budget squeeze being experienced by the Higher Ed sector, implementation of a change and release solution is a key to staying on top of the fast paced change.

Recently one of our higher education clients participated in a video interview for Campus Technology - the online portal for all things tech in Higher Ed. The interview was attached to an article about the implementation of ChangeGear to help manage the IT Organization at Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD).

Consisting of seven independently accredited colleges in the Dallas area, DCCCD is among the largest undergraduate institutions in Texas. It employs 7,000+ faculty and staff serving more than 100,000 students.

"bringing Incident, Problem and Change Management together in an easily customizable, integrated solution." Emilio Ramos, District Director of Educational Technology

Implementation of a full Service Desk solution or simply the Incident module of a Service Desk is a common place for an institution to begin to implement ITIL into their environment. The implementation at DCCCD centered on Change Management. Change is another common ITIL staring point. Many institutions will begin with managing their IT change and release and then move across the institution, moving from one process driven area to the next. Utilizing ITIL best practices helps Higher Education institutions better manger and control their processes and at the same time drive efficiencies throughout the institution.

If you are interested in learning more about ITIL in Higher Ed, you might consider checking out itSMF. They have a Higher Ed SIG (Special Interest Group).

The itSMF USA, a not-for-profit organization, is a prominent player in the on-going development and promotion of IT Service Management (ITSM) best practices, standards and qualifications. The Higher Ed SIG provides opportunities to share with, and learn from, colleagues at other universities that are implementing IT Service Management using ITIL.

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The blog post by Pankaj Sharma, ITIL in Higher Education - Conversations with Universities, shows some of the reasons to drive ITIL into the institution's processes.

Higher Education institutions rely on their central IT to maintain systems for that are used to support university business and administrative users. The central IT in these institutions faces similar challenges as other IT shops in a business enterprise.
1. Improve operational efficiency and quality
2. Standardize processes
3. Focus on value to customers
4. Performance measurement
How to start?
Implemented a Service Desk to resolve most issues at first level
• All requests funneled through Service Desk
• Permanent staff (and some students) assigned to Service Desk
Common processes implemented
• Incident Management (All schools)
• Change Management (All schools)
• Problem Management (2 schools)
• Configuration Management and Knowledgebase (2 schools)
1. Common vocabulary led to better collaboration
2. Improved availability
3. Improved outage information
4. Improved definition of responsibilities of IT and customers during changes
5. Improved response to incidents and changes
6. Better co-ordination of changes
7. Stable environment led to cost reduction

Higher Education can drive institution-wide improvements of processes by implementing ITIL best practices for your Service Desk and Change Management.