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TCO and the Service Desk - Key Considerations to Keep in Mind

09/17/2013 by: The SunView Team

Help desk, Service desk

The IT help desk and service desk architectures are key contributors to how IT departments get the job done. In many companies, the overarching platform that manages IT service delivery can provide a central avenue to efficiency or put IT managers in a position in which they are mired in inefficiency. The incredible boom or bust potential presented by service desk solutions creates a situation in which organizations must look past initial purchasing fees and evaluate total cost of ownership when selecting a solution.

When it comes to figuring out the total cost of ownership associated with a service desk solution, there are a couple things IT purchasers should consider:

How long will the solution be used?
Many companies get into trouble because their IT departments change often and, therefore, face shifting service desk demands that require software changes. Purchasing low-cost, basic service desk solutions that will likely need to be replaced can prove incredibly problematic as a company's IT needs change. In this situation, organizations must regularly replace their service desk solution, disrupting organizations and create inefficiencies that can be difficult to deal with.

Deploying a service desk solution that has the flexibility to be adjusted based on changing demands can position organizations to avoid the disruption caused by new change management platforms. The end result is a situation in which companies end up spending much less money in the long run than they would if they invested in a bargain solution initially, but had to make a number of significant upgrades.

How does the system support operational workflows?
Operational workflows play a vital role in dictating how IT teams get the job done. Service desk solutions that are not a proper fit with day-to-day operations can end up costing an organization substantially. Establishing a service desk solution that naturally aligns with workflows, or is flexible enough to be adjusted, is vital to avoiding excess costs caused by business disruption. Furthermore, adjusting and customizing service desk functions quickly and easily is a vital component of many solutions. In many cases, a service desk system can be configured in such a way that employees without specialized technical knowledge can adjust the service desk to meet business needs.

Total cost of ownership, at least when it comes to the IT service desks, is dictated primarily by the operational implications of deploying a solution. A platform that is efficient, flexible and scalable can enable organizations to keep TCO under control.