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Take the HIPPA BYOD Security Test

06/03/2013 by: The SunView Team


If you work in healthcare IT then meeting the stringent regulations of HIPPA is a daily struggle. Add in the lack of controls inherent in the consumerization of IT or BYOD and the challenges may seem like a raging bull. There are many strategies for managing BYOD, including software in the on Mobile Device Management or MDM realm.

I think one of the initial ways to begin to gain some controls is by tracking the devices in your network, both infrastructure and BYOD. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with a CMDB. The CMDB needs to have advanced capabilities to map and manage critical resources such as business services, hardware (including BYOD), software, users, documentation, and configuration within one federated database.

If you are looking to gain control of your out-of-control BYOD rodeo, then check out the offer below.

In last week's TechTarget e-newsletter, I followed a link to the Quiz on HIPAA Mobile Security. The 5 questions are as follows. See the multiple choice answers and take the test on their site.

  1. Which of these is both the biggest benefit and drawback of bring your own device (BYOD)?
  2. Which is not a challenge health care providers face when trying to align HIPAA regulations with patient expectations?
  3. Which is a current trend in mobile security?
  4. Which is not a continuous data protection (CDP) backup solution?
  5. What are the biggest challenges hospitals face in BYOD implementation?

I tried the test and got a mediocre 3 out of 5. To be fair, I did miss one due to skimming vs. reading; but whether 3/5 or 5/5, the point is, BYOD is impacting every IT Organization. And IT for the highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, is under intense scrutiny. The fact that so much of the information able to be accessed by BYOD is private, sensitive and under governmental regulation, is enough to drive us to distraction.

But let's face facts:

  • BYOD is not going away.
  • BYOD can be under your control.
  • And, it is time to grab the bull by the horns.

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