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Survey Shows IT Not Ready for Change

08/23/2011 by: The SunView Team

Information Week published the 2011 State of the IT Service Desk Survey and there were some interesting findings. The survey found that 75% of the survey respondents are reporting that staffs are not growing while calls are increasing for more than 61% of respondents. The inability to grow the organization to keep up with demand may be due to the lack of measurement and being able to relate service desk to business objectives.

IT needs to gear up for change! The big driver to increased calls to the service desk is IT changes (new hardware, mobile equipment, architecture, etc.). It's more important than ever for IT to implement IT service management best practices to get prepared for the very disruptive shift to cloud computing architectures and the growing consumerization of IT (SaaS, SmartPhones, Tablets, etc.).

Two key recommendations to help IT gear up for change:

1. Define Business Objectives and Measurements
To get approval for expansion or additional tools, IT must establish clear business objectives and agreed-upon service level agreements with the business. In addition, IT needs tools that provide them the ability to manage the workload efficiently and report on the metrics that matter to the business.
2. Implement Best Practices and Tools for Essential IT Service Management Processes
Service Catalog: Implementing an actionable service catalog enables the business to quickly find resolutions to common problems, streamline service requests, and demonstrates business value for IT. The service catalog provides a great platform for improving collaboration with the business and distributing social knowledge.

Change Management: Having formalized change management processes is critical for controlling the volume of incident requests and maintaining availability of critical systems. Change Management software allows IT organizations to take advantage of great service management best practices like ITIL without having to become experts. Having the right solution will enable IT to reduce risk and handle a higher volume of change without incident.

Service Desk: To meet the agreed-upon service level agreements with the business, you must have systems and processes to manage incidents. It's imperative that organizations have a solution for managing, monitoring, and reporting on incidents. Most organizations today have a solution - but it's costly and inflexible to change. Most organizations can reduce costs and improve service by implementing more modern tools.

Service Asset & Configuration Management: To manage change and security, IT must know what they have in their infrastructure. Configuration management provides the information needed to establish improved security and to perform risk assessments for recommended changes to infrastructure.

Organizations are already seeing increased incidents from IT change. Focusing on four key processes and having the right tools can go a long way towards establishing order in the chaotic world of IT.