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Supercharged: Behold the Power Service Desk Solutions Offer Enterprise IT

03/16/2016 by: The SunView Team

No modern business utilizing software as part of its portfolio or operations should neglect the power of the service desk. Service desk solutions offer real value to all digitally connected enterprises by unifying channels of communication and supporting more efficient IT operations.

Continual integration between IT and the network of applications it oversees requires a catalyst, a spark plug beneath a piston turning over the engine of IT service management. How exactly does a service desk pump up IT performance?

Centralized Point of Contact for all Users
To the average IT outsider, service desk solutions and help desks may appear one in the same at a cursory glance and for good reason - there's a lot of overlap between the two. However, service desks can include many of the end-user duties help desks traditionally supply, perhaps even assuming the role entirely. More notably, service desks deal with corporate-facing ITSM strategy.

Why is this an important distinction to make? Enterprise IT has been moving toward creating a centralized environment for all request tickets, be they incidents, problems or possible changes. The best way to enact process improvements down the IT chain is to start with a single point of contact for all end users and cross-functional teams. It ensures all requests go through the same vetting processes, starting with automated resolution to prevent low-value incidents from gumming up IT operations.

Complexity is detrimental to the ITSM continuum, but a decentralized service desk can be particularly toxic. Pockets of hidden service desk data sitting in silos effectively prevent IT teams from producing well-rounded, informed upgrades or patches, putting the configuration at risk and increasing future workloads. Instead, a centralized service desk receives all requests, so IT fields everything coming down the pipe and gauges whether current operations keep apace with request volumes efficiently.

Accelerated Response to Downtime
Continuing from our previous point, streamlined ITSM processes driven by a single point of contact through a service desk are particularly adept at handling downtime.

Think back to the old ways of doing things: According to a Hewlett-Packard study, manual-only service desks took an average of nine minutes before service desk personnel understood the full extent of the issue at hand. That may not seem like much, but when one considers how research from the Ponemon Institute revealed downtime costs around $7,300 per minute, deficiencies in downtime agility cost more than $65,000 before the service desk knew what it was up against.

On the other hand, advanced service desk solutions help enterprise IT fast track emergency change requests by eliminating time-intensive processes, all while enhancing the integrity of the changes underway through automated testing. With a single point of contact optimizing time to release, service desk solutions defend IT against complications in pushing through day-to-day changes with efficiency and accuracy, as well as huge, time-sensitive changes adversely impacting clients or the company itself.

Enterprise ITSM with advanced service desk solutions enhances communication between all parties utilizing and affecting software, and in so doing, increases productivity and secures itself against some of its greatest threats.

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