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Strategic Planning Integral to ITIL Training

02/06/2014 by: The SunView Team

Educating staff members in the IT Infrastructure Library and the best practices it establishes plays a critical role in enabling companies to take on a more robust service management strategy. However, getting a workforce prepared to handle the rigors of ITIL can prove a costly and complicated process. A recent BizTech Africa report looks at ITIL training and gives advice that applies equally to businesses around the globe - take a strategic approach to incorporating ITIL education into service management plans.

Understanding common challenges in ITIL training

Many businesses spend extensively on getting their service desk employees ready to handle ITIL. The news source explained that many service management professionals face pressure from clients and company leaders to get the entire IT staff certified for ITIL. This represents a major challenge, in particular, for IT service providers who advertise their ability to offer ITIL-based solutions. While it is understandable that clients would care about ITIL certification under this circumstance, there is no reason why every worker would need to have a full certification.

For the most part, service providers can train a few well-chosen staff members in ITIL for full certification. From there, they can send most of their staff through basic ITIL courses to get them familiar with best practices, but avoid spending heavily for complete ITIL studies. This strategy can be combined with internal education to improve the knowledge of lower-level workers, making it easier for them to get certified as they rise in the company.

Taking this more conservative approach to training can help organizations overcome the incredible cost that comes with getting an entire staff ITIL certified, but it is only the first step to success.

Establish effective educational timelines
According to the news source, IT service providers must go beyond choosing the right employees to train and also effectively decide when to educate those workers and how to continue certification initiatives to ensure proper succession through various roles in the organization. A mass certification effort will often fail to deliver the results an organization wants, but failing to educate the right people at the operative times can lead to gaps in compliance and potential revenue losses. As such, businesses need to carefully plan their training schedules and ensure workers are kept on target.

Get help as needed
One advantage of this strategic approach to ITIL certification is that it frees resources that would have otherwise been spent on mass certification. The report said this money can then be used to hire specialized consultants who can not only help you identify which employees need different levels of training for compliance, but who can also step in and refresh experienced workers to make it easier for them to maintain their certification. The end result is a much more efficient training environment that simultaneously maximizes resources while ensuring a business maintains the level of knowledge necessary to meet customer demands while complying with industry standards and best practices.

Don't neglect the technology
Building a staff that is ready to work within an ITIL environment will have limited effectiveness if the various service management tools at their disposal are not up to the task. Having advanced service desk or service management platforms in place is key in this area, as are change, problem and release management systems. IT service providers are in a somewhat unique place in the contemporary IT marketplace, and operational efficiency is vital to getting ahead of competitors and gaining clients. Educating employees to show expertise to prospective customers is key, but delivering ROI through advanced technologies is just as important when trying to gain trust.

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