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The Smartphone War is Over, 3 New Challenges of IT Consumerization Begin

11/04/2011 by: The SunView Team

The other day the smartphone war was declared over. The article states what we already know, Apple and Google have crushed the competition. Sure Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry are still selling devices, but the numbers moving to the top two platforms should continue to grow. I am going to make the case that even though the war has been declared over, the difficulty for the consumerization of IT remains high.

Below are three of the key challenges I see IT teams continuing to face:

  1. New devices - Many of the users who get a new smartphone, even with the same OS, still do not know how to set it up. Prepare for this by using a service catalog to sift out users that can follow directions. Apple sells a lot of devices at launch, so you must be ready for an influx of questions if you run a fairly large service desk.
  2. OS Upgrades - While we take a deep dive into this in our article "One Ice Cream Sandwich to Rule Them All," the upgrade cycle is never ending. Device upgrades bring security and performance issues, which should bring fear and an influx if tickets to any service desk.
  3. Tablets - The iPad is the clear front runner here but with worthy competitors such as the Kindle Fire and further solutions sure to come from Microsoft, I wouldn't bet the war is over here. Monitor the situation much like the beginning of the smartphone war when Google finally launched a worthy competitor in the G1 over a year after the original iPhone release.

One last thing to remember is that the war is never over. Nobody declared Palm or Blackberry the winners in the past but they each had a strong lead before losing out. It is important for IT departments to stay agile and follow trends.

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Image: Flickr, Horia Varlan

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