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Small Organizations Depend on Process Innovation for ITSM Success

04/10/2014 by: The SunView Team

Many businesses find that developing an IT service management strategy is a long and complex process. However, the challenges may actually be greater for small businesses, despite the fact that their technology environments may not be as large as enterprise organizations.

According to a recent Computerworld report, many large businesses face scale and complexity challenges when they adopt an ITSM setup, but those difficulties are overcome because these companies already have a process architecture in place. Advanced process strategies are essential to ITSM success, and large organizations only need to refine and improve existing processes to get the job done.

Small businesses, on the other hand, often have a disjointed and undocumented process framework in place when they begin transforming to an ITSM setup, the news source explained. As such, small organizations can face a variety of challenges trying to organize, connect and create processes in their efforts to support ITSM functionality.

Scalability can help small companies overcome this problem. Advanced help desk and service desk solutions can impart process management functionality to IT in more accessible ways, positioning small businesses for future success. Having a help desk model that can scale to a service desk and, eventually, ITSM system can help small businesses complete these process transitions with minimal disruption.