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A Simple System for Self-Service IT Adoption aka D.N.A.

10/12/2011 by: The SunView Team

Setting up a service catalog, although not easy, is one of the simpler parts of adopting a self-service IT strategy. While full user adoption is difficult, especially when they are programmed to send every little thing to the service desk, the change to self-service is obtainable. To assist you I offer three steps to take your service desk from full-service to self-service, a program I like to call D.N.A.

Demonstrate - Show the users how to get answers from your service catalog. This can be done through employee training or an announcement emails. Do not assume that users will read the emails. If you have any other avenues to promote the new process, it would be a good idea to seek them out.

Nurture - Consistently update your service catalog with new information so that users are encouraged to come back. Set an amount of time, I would say a week, to allow users to continue with their routine but remind them each time if it is a self-service item.

Affirm - Do not give out any more simple answers. Affirm your commitment to providing common solutions via the service catalog. Tell users to look for themselves. Be brave, people can figure out how to set up email on their new smart phone as long as they have instructions.

Each organization will have special needs, so take this framework and decide how stringent you want to be. It will take some tough love to break habits and reduce incidents sent to the service desk.