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Showing Love to the Help Desk: 8 Things We Love About IT

04/09/2012 by: The SunView Team

The ITSM Lens is no stranger to discussing reasons why people hate the IT Department. Upon doing our usual research we came across another blog article from Harvard Business Review's network discussing 8 things people hate about IT. You cannot discount someone's opinion who has worked in the industry - there must be some truth to it. However, I couldn't think of many occasions where the IT department was celebrated.

While all IT deparments do not operate properly or contain people you would want to be best friends with, the list we created accounts qualities that our writers have collectively experienced. The "8 Things We Love About IT" listed below, are not only a list of the features we would like to see in an IT Department, but also a list of qualities that an IT Department should strive to achieve. Please feel free to add any additional points in the comments.

1. Efficient - IT consistently finds ways to improve efficiency.

2. Technical - You can always find someone in IT to fix ANYTHING.

3. Versatile - IT lets you bring your own device (BYOD) and makes it work.

4. Necessary - You are needed to keep the business running.

5. Committed - IT cares if the network is down.

6. Available - IT works weekends so you can work weekdays.

7. Watchful - IT protects your security.

8. Under-valued - If IT actually knew how much we loved them, we'd need bigger doors. We love that about you!

Some of the bullets above involve raw IT skill but most of them really depend on the processes that the IT department is using. Another item to consider is IT automation. To truly run efficiently, and solve issues quicker, it is important to use an IT Service Management solution to handle the leg-work.

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Image: Flickr, Bill Ward's Brickpile