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Service Request Management Principles Offer Gains Outside of IT

11/11/2013 by: The SunView Team

service request management

Line-of-business processes are usually kept fairly segregated from technology operations, and with good reason. However, more business units are integrating IT solutions more heavily in their day-to-day operations, creating a situation in which service management principles and technologies can pay dividends for business units.

Facility service teams, for example, must take on day-to-day maintenance tasks while also handling emergencies as they come up. This is similar to change management in IT, as handling change involves a similar combination of day-to-day operations and emergency response. As a result, the service request management tools used in IT can be applied to improve facility team capabilities.

Finance departments can also benefit from management solutions designed for the IT service desk. Finance teams must make rapid changes to operational processes based on how projects move between users. Collaboration is key in this segment as loan requests and similar operations must cross different organizational boundaries to be handled effectively. The automation components included in change management and service request management solutions play a key role in this process.

Companies that are trying to improve operations across multiple operational silos may be best off applying the principles of IT service management to other lines of business.

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