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Service Desk Investments Can Provide Control Without Restrictions

03/31/2014 by: The SunView Team

Service Desk

Developing support for the bring-your-own-device trend without creating security or regulatory risks depends on being able to free users for flexible operations without creating vulnerabilities. This is an incredible balancing act, as IT teams need to get the control they need without restricting users. A good service desk solution can help IT teams institute the operational precision they need without getting in the way of users.

A recent Gartner study on the state of BYOD in the enterprise found that dealing with security problems while keeping users free from restrictions is incredibly important. The research firm predicts that approximately 20 percent of BYOD programs will fail by 2016 because mobile device management plans restrict users from getting the job done as freely as they would like.

Managing mobile device use in the enterprise can be like walking a tightrope. IT teams need to keep the control and data protection plans they need in place, but they also need to give users consumer-like freedom. Accomplishing this depends heavily on creating transparency and process efficiency, something that a good service desk solution can help organizations handle.