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Service Desk Investments Can Help Companies Maximize Cloud Value

01/22/2014 by: The SunView Team

Cloud computing, Service Desk

Gaining a return on investment is becoming a priority for technology investments. After years of IT projects focusing on getting the job done as efficiently as possible, technology purchases have shifted toward a revenue-focused model in which profit creation, not efficiency, is more of a priority. This move comes as more companies strive to align business and IT functions more precisely and is extremely clear in the cloud arena.

However, organizations that want to successfully navigate the transition toward a value- or revenue-focused IT model need to get their service management strategies solidified to ensure their day-to-day operations properly fit with business needs. This often makes strategic IT service desk investments a key component of contemporary IT operations. Such an upgrade could become especially important, as recent cloud trends point toward a growing move toward value in the cloud computing sphere.

Value becoming dominant in the cloud sector

In the Fall of 2012, TechTarget completed a large study of enterprise technology leaders to explore why they implement cloud solutions. Approximately 73 percent of those polled listed cost savings as the dominant reason why they turned to the cloud and develop broad cloud strategies. The publication recently released the results of the same study, but performed in Fall 2013, and found that a major cultural change has taken place - businesses are turning to the cloud to deliver value, not to cut costs. Approximately 45 percent of those surveyed said creating business value is the main reason they are turning to the cloud. Conversely, just 29 percent said they are using the cloud with the main emphasis on cost savings.

The news source explained that this transition is almost one of necessity. Many companies have engaged in far-reaching cloud strategies only to find that the technological plan delivers considerable business agility. This creates a situation in which businesses that are behind in the cloud may find that they end up needed to develop strategies to keep up with their peers. This means moving forward into cloud use in a strategic, but accelerated way. Essentially, the cloud is becoming an integral part of contemporary businesses and CIOs, in turn, are being forced to become strategic leaders.

According to the report, CIOs have traditionally been tasked with playing the role of "technology dictator" remaining at the top of the IT pyramid and indicating which solutions would be used and which wouldn't make the cut. This role is disappearing and being replaced by one that pushes CIOs to take strategic business leadership in mind when making technology choices.

Adjusting the IT service desk for a value-driven environment
If business value is becoming the king of IT tactical efforts, the service desk needs to become a primary management tool for organizations. In the end, any technological investment either delivers value, or fails to create revenue, because of the way it impacts end users - whether they are the customer or the employee. Because of this, the smallest incident, problem or change required in a solution can prove incredibly disruptive to value creation. For example, something as simple as an authentication glitch can prevent employees from taking full advantage of an application. The service desk's responsiveness in dealing with these problems can have an incredible - and direct - impact on how an organizations creates value through technology.

Strategic value creation is becoming the primary motivating point for many IT investments in the competitive and challenging contemporary business climate. Organizations that want to handle this shift as effectively as possible often benefit substantially from investments in sophisticated service desk solutions that optimize the end-user experience and improve background IT management capabilities.

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