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Service Desk Headaches Despite Windows 8 Slow Uptake

04/03/2013 by: The SunView Team

Windows 8 is here to stay and coming to an IT Organization near you - or NOT. Although Microsoft would like to force users to buy their newest operating system, it appears that Windows 8 might not be a big issue in the BYOD marketplace. As I mentioned in earlier blog posts, Windows 8 is going to impact the IT Organization due to the consumerization of IT.

With the low uptake of both the OS and the devices featuring the Windows 8, the Service Desk may not be feeling a dramatic impact of supporting the newest OS from Microsoft.

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Yes, your users are still going to be bringing in their personal devices and expecting the IT Organization to fully support them. But, Windows 8 is not a big seller. Although I still believe that there will be an impact on Service Desk support calls, there is not a very robust uptake of the Windows 8 platform. According to the recent post, Dell Cites Slow Windows 8 Sales As One Of The Reasons For Going Private:

"In fact, Dell believes the House of Windows is partially at fault for (some of) the financial problems of the hardware vendor. Or at least, its latest operating system is at fault.The company mentioned the slow early uptake of Windows 8 as one of the reasons it decided to go private. This was cited in a statement submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)."

In another recent post, Uptake gap between Windows 8 and Vista widens even as new OS gains share,

According to Net Applications, Windows 8's March usage share - including what the firm labeled as "touch" for Windows 8 and Windows RT - was 3.6% of all Windows PCs, up from February's 3%.

And if you think that Windows Vista was DOA, Windows 8 seems to be on a worse trajectory, if that is possible.

"By the end of its fifth month, Vista powered 4.9% of all Windows PCs, while Windows 8 accounted for 3.6% at the same point in its post-release timeline. The 1.3 percentage point difference between Vista and Windows 8 was the biggest so far in Computerworld's tracking, and twice as large as the gap just two months ago."

In related news, XP is not going away on pace to meet the Microsoft end of support. This might be very bad news for the IT Organization. If there is no extension of support from Microsoft, then the Service Desk may not be able to meet the security and compliance needs of the enterprise or the end-user expectations. The numbers tell the story:

"Windows XP, which is only a year from forced retirement, fell by a quarter of a percentage point in March, its smallest decline since June 2010, hinting that users' hands might have to be pried from the OS. In March, XP accounted for 42% of all Windows systems worldwide.

Projections based on Windows XP's average monthly loss over the last year now peg the operating system with a usage share of 30% in April 2014, the month Microsoft plans to drop all support except for custom enterprise plans, which cost a fortune."

Well, as always, it is up to the Service Desk to support whatever the enterprise has, users need and the manufactures thrust upon us. So, whether Windows 8 is fully successful or another bad OS release like Vista, there will be users with the operating system that need our support.

Image by Dell's Official Flickr Page