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Service Desk Flexibility Vital as Business and IT Align

02/13/2014 by: The SunView Team

Many IT leaders are facing pressure to precisely align technology workflows and capabilities with business goals. The IT service desk plays a key roll in making this possible by ensuring end users get the support they need to get the job done without disruption. Advanced service management solutions can go beyond this capability, however, and provide integration for business and technology processes that intersect with one another.

Many business departments end up interacting heavily with technological systems to get the job done. For example, a human resources worker may need to interact with database configurations to manage employee information effectively.In many cases, change tasks need integration across both business and technology departments. Furthermore, many of the process management capabilities offered by a service desk can apply to other units within a company. This is especially true with facilities teams.

Change management solutions schedule and coordinate activities across a variety of technological configurations in an organization. Similarly, change management can be used by facilities teams to schedule and coordinate maintenance activities, equipment setup and room adjustments.

Business and technology demands and requirements increasingly intersect, and an advanced service desk solution can help companies keep up.