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Service Desk 101: Top 3 Reasons a Service Desk Solution is Needed

02/04/2014 by: The SunView Team

An advanced IT service desk can deliver a wide range of benefits to an organization, with those gains ranging from improving day-to-day support to coordinating problem management. Businesses that want to maximize these gains need to align the service desk solution they purchase with the specific operational requirements. This can be a daunting task, but the first step in finding the right service desk is gaining a clear understanding of the core functions that make a service desk so important.

This knowledge is key when choosing a service desk, but it is also important as businesses that have long used a homegrown help desk try to figure out why an advanced solution will avoid the same limitations that held back the system they are trying to replace. A good service desk can deliver many benefits, but there are three issues that really stand out as reasons why you need a sophisticated platform.

1. Business is changing
The economic recession that began in 2008 sent many organizations into a prolonged holding pattern, leaving them striving to stay afloat by any means possible. A recent Huffington Post report explained that the economy is now moving away from this period of stagnation and more companies are focusing on growth. However, this move toward expansion is largely driven by efforts to eliminate waste and improve efficiency to avoid the economic peaks and valleys that had long become common.

According to the news source, achieving this waste-free environment will likely push businesses to engage in technologies that are disruptive in nature, but offer considerable potential for innovation.

Dealing with disruption is one of the specialties of a good service desk. An advanced service desk solution gives IT teams the tools they need to coordinate change, manage incidents more effectively and ensure technology problems do not get in the way of business operations. This is particularly important as new, disruptive technologies often come with a few bumps in the road to adoption.

2. Connected device trends are escalating
You've already read and heard a great deal about widespread mobile device use, but this trend is escalating in the form of the Internet of Things, a movement that encapsulated how connected sensors, mobile computing devices, robots and appliance are changing many industries. A recent TechRepublic report explained that the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show highlighted how IoT solutions are impacting homes, and warned that businesses need to get ready to deal with IoT gaining prominence in the enterprise.

Managing a diverse range of connected devices, and all of the applications that make those solutions work, can put an incredible strain on IT teams. Advanced incident and problem management functions included as part of a service desk are vital in meeting these requirements.

3. Delivering business value
New technological trends and increased dependence on IT combine to make technology teams a key part of an organization. This often means that IT is becoming less segregated from revenue creation and tasked with finding ways to deliver value to an organization. This is where the ROI delivered by a service desk becomes critical. There are plenty of technological trends, application management challenges and ticketing concerns that could make you want to purchase a service desk, but underneath these specific issues is an overarching problem - businesses are becoming incredibly dependent on technology.

This dependence on advanced solutions means that any problem, whether it be because of a minor glitch or an underlying configuration issue, can derail revenue creation while the issue persists. Having a service desk that accelerate various incident, problem and change management tasks enables IT to deliver business value by limiting the impact of technology flaws as they arise.

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