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Service Catalogs Could Play Major Part in Cloud's Evolution

12/12/2013 by: The SunView Team

Service catalog

Service catalog software could become extremely important for IT managers attempting to keep up with new challenges created by cloud computing.

A recent ZDNet report explained that many IT leaders started to engage with the cloud much more meaningfully in 2013. That trend will continue moving into the new year, and 2014 will likely be the period in which the cloud technologies are handled as a typical part of IT operations.

This deeper move to support the cloud could lead IT managers to make major changes in how they handle service delivery. The news source explained that increased service catalog use will play a key role in this process. With Software-as-a-Service solutions poised to become the primary application delivery method in IT operations, IT teams need to establish a centralized platform to handle service delivery. An effective catalog is just such an option, and the solution model will likely gain prominence as the cloud becomes a part of day-to-day IT functionality.

Establishing a service catalog is not always easy, but such platforms are increasingly important in helping IT maintain some sort of control in increasingly consumerized enterprise environments. A good service catalog can give IT the scalability and elasticity it needs to keep up with business demands.