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Service Acceleration Integral to Service Delivery Success

11/06/2013 by: The SunView Team

Cloud computing, Service Desk

IT departments have become service delivery studios. This transition has come over the past few years as organizations have moved away from using technology to support operations and toward using IT to enable business functionality. This has made the IT service desk, perhaps, more important than ever.

Ignoring the service desk could slow solution delivery to a crawl, something that is increasingly problematic as business leaders wrestle cloud control away from IT.

A recent Forbes report detailing the happenings of the IGNITE conference explained that more and more IT departments are facing a situation in which corporate leaders are taking on a larger role in managing cloud purchasing strategies. The problem is that IT teams are often not responsiveness enough in delivering new services to meet business needs. IT teams that want to get service delivery control back from corporate managers need to accelerate their pace of operations.

Advanced IT service desk solutions provide a foundation for operational acceleration. A sophisticated service desk can improve incident management, streamline problem identification and automate many phases of change management. This gives technology leaders the ability to enable real, everyday operational improvements and take back necessary control over cloud plans.