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Release Management Key as Agile Rises

02/05/2014 by: The SunView Team

Widespread mobile device use is among the key drivers of increased agile development use in enterprise settings. Businesses striving to release or update applications increasingly need to do so supporting a variety of mobile devices, operating systems, traditional workstations and server environments. The end result is a much more diverse release cycle and a need for more updates to deal with glitches and other problems.

Many experts agree that agile development is the natural solution to this problem. Going agile enables dev teams to adjust their processes based on the demands of specific projects, get workable solutions to production quickly and rapidly release iterative updates to support a wider range of devices and operating systems.

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While agile methodologies can pay dividends for supporting mobile device use, it also puts incredible strain on operations teams. Companies can work around this by creating DevOps groups to improve collaboration before various project stakeholders, but organizations still have to deal with differing priorities. Developers want rapid releases and operations teams want stability.

Balancing these two goals becomes easier when organizations turn to robust release management solutions. Improving the processes surrounding release operations can accelerate day-to-day functions for operations professionals, giving them the tools they need to get their service management schemes to run at the same pace as agile development methods.