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Product Lifecycle Management Made Easy With CMDB

06/05/2013 by: The SunView Team

We in the IT Organization know that Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is vital to the smooth operation of the enterprise. Managing your IT assets from purchase through to disposal is the key. Today's blog is focused on the end of your IT assets' lives. Check out an older post on the 10 technologies to jettison.

As a wordsmith, it was quite natural for me to subscribe to the TechTarget Word of the Day email. In the past few weeks, I have read about quite a few words or topics of interest including one pertinent to today's blog post on lifecycle management, Electronics Disposal Efficiency (EDE).

If you are looking for help with your PLM and the EDE, then having a robust CMDB will be a key component of your solution. Check out the offer below.

Of course, disposal of electronics that have outlived their value is no easy thing. The Business Week article The Complex Business of Recycling E-Waste, delves into the problems inherent in disposal of our aging electronics.

Companies should pay close attention to data security when tossing out their electronics. Corporate information does not simply disappear when a device is no longer needed. Businesses that allow consumer information to leak out face the risk of civil lawsuits. Health-care and financial companies operate under the extra burden of federal laws that prescribe stiff fines for failing to store and dispose of consumer data properly.

So, as you build your CMDB, you need to insure that it has advanced capabilities to map, as well as, manage critical resources. You need to track everything from business services, hardware (including BYOD), software, and users, to documentation - all within one federated database.

Back to the end-of-life for your equipment; the following quote from the Word of the Day email sums it all up:

"Every IT manager should ensure that all their company's unwanted equipment is data wiped to CESG-approved standards and that they receive fully documented waste streams from their IT disposal service providers." Warwick Ashford

And of course, the end-of-life process should be tracked and managed within an ITIL-based ITSM solution. Part of that process needs to include a complete wipe of all data on the device to insure proper disposal protocol is followed. Jettison with care.