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Process Excellence Integral to DevOps Success

03/26/2014 by: The SunView Team

Advanced IT service management capabilities are increasingly vital as businesses turn to DevOps to improve everything from agile development functionality to release operations. DevOps enables collaboration between development and operations teams, creating a paradigm for more streamlined functionality by aligning the two often-disparate groups.

Unifying these teams depends on process excellence and advanced collaboration functionality, something a good IT service desk can help organizations achieve. According to a recent SYS-CON Media report, DevOps is rising as more companies attempt to balance new challenges brought on by the cloud and other emerging technologies. The end result is an environment where traditional divides need to be broken down.

The news source noted that, historically, development and operations teams have been so divided that support tickets would often get passed back and forth with different teams blaming the other until management stepped in and forced them to work together. DevOps is designed to eliminate the blame game and help organizations handle release and support processes more efficiently.

An effective service management setup plays an integral role in enabling organizations to implement the kinds of collaboration and operational integration methods needed to unlock the full potential of DevOps teams. Advanced ticketing solutions offer the functionality businesses need to streamline DevOps operations and institute process excellence throughout the IT environment.