Problem Management - A Weed Killer for Your IT Garden

12/28/2016 by: The SunView Team

In many ways, an IT configuration is like a garden, and organizations that want to strive for ITSM excellence need problem management to do the weeding. IT service management maturity hinges on being able to eliminate the operational roadblocks that prevent IT and support teams from operating efficiently. Problem management makes this possible by identifying the underlying areas of concern in the configuration and helping service desk leaders figure out the best ways to address them.

Imagine a typical backyard garden. Some plants are simple staples that just about everybody can grow. Some require careful attention or are only able to flourish because of specific climate conditions. Furthermore, there are plants that require special protection or planting techniques to protect against threats like rabbits, birds and squirrels. In most IT configurations, there are systems that can be managed by just about any technology professional, complicated hardware that requires specialized attention and a need to protect different systems and access points from theft.

In a garden, having weeds pop up and cause disruption is completely normal, but some are more difficult to eradicate than others. In the same way, IT configurations can easily become plagued by problems, but some are more tricky than others when it comes to eliminating them fully.

Dealing With Your IT Weeds
Any weed needs to be eradicated down to its roots if you want to ensure it doesn't come back. However, there are some weeds with more invasive roots than others. If your garden gets one of these, it can take some real digging to deal with the rogue plant. In the meantime, your plants are stifled and your garden struggles to thrive.

For IT teams, there are many small problems that need to be identified, pinned down and dealt with quickly to prevent them from causing repetitive glitches for end users. These are like the everyday weed in your garden - they aren't terribly resilient, but if you leave them unchecked, they take over. If you don't nip these problems in the bud, they lead to so many incidents and support tickets that end-user productivity can decline and your service desk can face incredible pressure trying to keep up with support demands. Like your bottle of weed killer can deal with common weeds in the garden, a problem management solution can help you identify issues that arise and deal with them in a hurry.

It's the bigger weeds that are a huge problem in gardens, and they can also undermine the security and stability of your IT configuration. But the size and scale of big technology problems makes them incredibly difficult to eradicate. What's more, any component of a problem left unaddressed can end up escalating into a new issue, leading to continued disruptions for end users.

Problem management is invaluable when dealing with these complex issues because it helps you identify the underlying reasons why incidents keep occurring, giving you a big-picture view of your configuration. With all of this information at their fingertips, your IT and support team members can pin down all of the factors contributing to a problem, making it easier to eradicate it.

Crafting a Perfect IT Garden
If you want to safeguard and care for every part of your IT configuration, you must also deal with the troublesome weeds of glitches, lines of programming that don't fit well with your hardware setup and other problems that can limit the stability of your setup. Problem management is the ultimate weed killer - it gives you the process efficiency you need to deal with small issues as they arise while also providing the key information necessary to pin down incredibly complex problems and deal with them.

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