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Problem Identification Vital for IT Progress

09/30/2013 by: The SunView Team

Problem Management, Service desk
Most basic help desks are designed to identify technology incidents and bring them to the attention of administrators that can address this issue. This functionality is absolutely critical for businesses. However, if you've spent much time dealing with a simplistic help desk, you've probably found yourself occasionally shaking your head at how often you end up dealing with the same minor incidents. Moving from a basic IT help desk that can only deal with incidents to a service desk that can identify problems can help IT teams make real progress.

The problem of incident-focused help desk architectures
Technology incidents may well make up some of the most disruptive issues that business workers face. Issues like password problems, application glitches and database inefficiencies can sometimes be easy to fix from an IT perspective. However, they can also be tedious and mind-numbing to handle when they happen on a regular basis. This is where identifying incidents that have become problems is critical.

When you have an IT problem it needs to be resolved to ensure consistent business operations. There are times when a small glitch or incident is just that, an isolated event that needs to be fixed and left behind. There are also times when repeated incidents are indicative of technology problems that are eating away at productivity under the surface. If you can identify the problems behind incidents you can start to get ahead of the service management curve and take key steps toward efficiency.

Establishing effective problem management strategies
Dealing with problems is not always simple, and the process generally requires that IT teams move from a simple help desk to a more sophisticated service desk architecture. A service desk provides the kind of automation and incident tracking features that IT teams need to identify which incidents are indicative of problems that need to be dealt with. This helps IT administrators move beyond spending their days solving basic incidents and progress to solving problems.

The service desk advantage
Resolving IT problems ensures that common incidents do not arise as frequently and are not as disruptive from an operational perspective. However, you can run into difficulties trying to address problems, especially if you face many of them, without an IT service management platform in place.

An ITSM solution gives IT teams the change management capabilities they need to handle problems consistently and with the auditing functions needed to ensure regulatory compliance.