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New User Center Drives Service Desk Efficiency

03/25/2013 by: The SunView Team

Last week, SunView Software announced the availability of a new User Center workspace in ChangeGear Service Desk. The User Center will be dramatically increase the productivity of Service Desk Analysts by providing the right information at their finger tips.

The User Center is divided into 3 time-saving areas:

  1. User Selection - quickly find a user using full text search
  2. Selected User Details and History - view the consolidated service desk history and assets of user
  3. Request Creation - quickly submit a ticket

User Selection
The first thing the Analyst sees is the intuitive grid-based interface with headers that allow for customization and data sorting. By entering some identifying information such as Employee ID or Name, the grid will be populated with matches. Choosing the incoming caller from the list immediately populates the second section of the User Center workspace.

User Details and History
Quick identification of the end-user is just the first step in improving your Service Desk efficiency. The Analyst can immediately see the user's history including Service, Incident, Problem, and RFC requests, as well as Configuration Items (CI) inside the workspace. This allows the Analyst to quickly review the end-user information and be able to better assist the caller.

Request Creation
The final section allows the Analyst to quickly create a Service, Incident, Problem, or RFC request. By simply choosing the request type and a pre-populated template, the Analyst can create a new request with in 3 clicks. Also available to the Analyst are your Knowledge Base articles to assist in problem resolution.

The User Center is a quick, easy to use, efficient process driven approach to a modern Service Desk. Learn more about the ChangeGear Service Desk solution today!