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A New Approach to ITIL Adoption: ITIL-as-a- Service

06/19/2012 by: The SunView Team

Each and every week our team works to bring news, stories, and information that will help improve the IT service management environment that drives your IT organization and impacts your team. Much of this is distilled into small, digestible pieces that work as ways to make improvements over time. It is a philosophy based on understanding that improvement is a journey which will not be concluded overnight, and will require regular review and adjustment.

Ultimately, we do our best to transfer what we have learned both from our personal and professional experiences, as well as lessons conveyed to us by our (SunView Software) customers' success. Thus, many times the most common feedback we receive is that our suggestions blend and apply perfectly in someone's IT organization. This isn't a coincidence, and much of this credit must also be given to a unique approach to a set of best practices that are seeing a resurgence in popularity. Of course, we are speaking of ITIL.

Sadly, ITIL still tends to evoke a tense clenching of teeth in many organizations. Perhaps you've tried to adopt a set of processes, and didn't succeed. You might have even seen success in your process adoption, but couldn't produce the ROI your business desired. Whatever the case, if ITIL doesn't instill a feeling of organizational improvement, we think you may not be viewing it through our lens.

This week, SunView Software is launching a new solution, in conjunction with the release of our Cloud product (though neither of these are mutually exclusive). We are calling this IaaS - ITIL-as-a-Service.

ITIL-as-a-Service is a modern approach to adopting the best practices of ITIL. It is built on data gathered from our own customer implementations, and the repeated success we have seen. At the core of ITIL-as-a-Service is the idea that before an IT organization can look to an adoption of the twenty six processes found in ITIL, they should focus on a core set of processes that can be delivered easily, and just as importantly, produce quick wins. Finally, these quick wins must demonstrate value, as well as ROI, to the business.

What we've done, is simplified ITIL. In many ways, we've made ITIL easy.

  • Easy to Implement in Days not Months - Built-in ITIL processes makes it easy to implement ITIL processes in days not months, without the need to have ITIL expertise to get started.
  • Easy to Use for Staff and End Users - Intuitive web user interface makes it easy for IT staff and end users to get up and productive quickly
  • Easy to Configure without Programming - Drag-and-drop customization makes it easy to achieve your business requirements without coding or expensive consultants

If you would like to learn more on how you can easily adopt ITIL into your organization, take a look at our web site, or try a demo yourself. We've even included our ITIL Getting Started Guide, which includes thirty five ITIL terms defined, in a language you can understand.