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More Reasons to Implement an ITSM Solution

07/08/2013 by: The SunView Team

ITIL, ITSM, software solution

If you have been reading the ITSM Lens for a while, you know we are all about the implementation of an ITIL framework for the Service Management of your IT organization. You need to have an organized, auditable, process-based change management solution in place. And the way to begin the process is using ITIL as the starting point.

I was therefore impressed with the article in CIO magazine by Gerard Norsa, publications editor at itSMF Australia, Why you can't ignore ITSM. I would like to highlight some of the best quotes and hope that you take a few extra minutes to check out the complete article.

The value of implementing an IT service management (ITSM) program is clear. Leveraging good processes in the enterprise IT environment to manage and measure incidents, problems, changes, service levels and risks is an almost ubiquitous objective of internal and external organisations providing IT to the business.

It can distract from the core reason that IT departments exist in the first place and that is to deliver value to the business. To put it another way, IT operations - and therefore, ITSM - should be all about helping the broader business achieve its key priorities whether that be growth, profitability or great customer service.

Mike Schembri, CIO of print solutions provider, Upstream agreed that the most important component of any ITSM program is mapping it to business objectives.

Brian Clark, CIO of Melbourne-based university, ...when he started at RMIT, the organisation was plagued by regular and ongoing SAP outages that were happening as a result of badly managed internal processes. "I literally said; ‘I don't give a damn about implementing ITIL, but we do have to fix our change management process'", Clark said. "We had to stop shooting ourselves in the foot on such a regular basis.

50 Reasons You Need ITSM

"In the end, our decision was to improve service delivery. We wanted to stop production outage. Everyone around the table that I was trying to get money from was happy to fund improved availability. Implementing some of the ITIL processes was how we would achieve that but it was the outcomes we were focused on."

"You need to be able to demonstrate that what you're doing around ITSM is going to deliver those boardroom priorities," Kerry Crompton CIO for Medibank Private said. "Governance is a key component, it has far more prevalence and visibility now than it did in the past, but it's not clearly understood.

"Managing risk is one thing, but really analysing what your risks could be so you do have a full spectrum of things that could go wrong, at a business level, and how you resolve them is a key component for helping you to put a service management model in place."

"...there was no communication to the business about the systems problems we were experiencing on a regular basis," Clark said.

"Accurately communicating the services we provide and the service levels that can be expected is also a priority for the CIO as that is how we can then match our performance to organisational objectives.

As I said at the onset of this blog, this is some great stuff. I suggest that you read the entire article by Norsa.

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