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A Message to the Cloud from the Service Desk, Get the Outages Under Control, or Else

11/11/2011 by: The SunView Team

It might seem rather silly to scream at the cloud. What has it ever done to you?

Unfortunately, lately - it has done a lot. If you are involved in IT Service Management in any way, it does a whole lot. In fact, many companies providing services via this often lauded medium have been punishing users almost incessantly. While claims of incredible features, data that is always accessible, and unparalleled computing abilities win our hearts, the true experience is far from the promise. Even worse, the support desk team that is left powerless in restoring service must still satiate incredibly disgruntled users and deal with an increase in incident volume.

So, from the service desk to Cloud providers, consider yourself on notice. This has to stop, or we'll move infrastructure back to where we feel comfortable.

Now that may sound like an empty threat, but there is really more value proposition there than you may be lead to believe. First, and foremost, is that no company is safe from the damage a cloudage can cause. Sure, when the Blackberry outage spread through Europe like a digital plague, and eventually landed in North America, most just likened it to bad decisions and poor configuration management of a company on its final breath. However, when a company with as pristine a shine as Apple sees a major loss of service through SIRI people start to take note. All this is just added on top of major service loss from business service providers like Google and Microsoft - companies that provide tools via the cloud that tie directly into business productivity. No wonder firms are starting to shout at the emperor and his attire.

And rightly they should. As consumers and businesses run, if not gleefully skip to the cloud, they expect that experts in companies as large as RIM, Apple, Google, or Microsoft can surely provide better service than they could on their own. Downtime is not cheap, and if you have no control over working towards getting services restored, it starts to get even costlier.

Of course, a lot of this may just be big press and bandwagon news (we tend to disagree). What do you think? Has your company been sacked by the latest cell tech fiasco(s), or perhaps you've seen productivity hit zero when access to Google Docs and Office Live 360 were inaccessible? More importantly, how does your help desk / service desk cope with angry users and business leaders when (if) these cloudages occur?