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Manufacturing Advances Shed Light on Potential, Disruptiveness of IoT

07/15/2014 by: The SunView Team

The Internet of Things movement is transforming both business and consumer markets by enabling connected devices to share strategic data in more meaningful ways. The IoT is built around this idea of data sharing and the concept is helping organizations in a variety of sectors gather more information and turn that data into knowledge. The manufacturing sector is a clear example of this trend, but the advances being made in manufacturing paint a clear image of just how disruptive the IoT will likely be for technology support teams.

IoT in Manufacturing
A recent Forbes report explained that while the IoT is only beginning to make headway in the manufacturing industry, the small percentage of connected factory environments are already beginning to leap ahead of the competition. John Nesi, vice president of market development at Rockwell Automation, told the news source that at this point only about 10 percent of factories have embraced the IoT principles that create a connected enterprise environment. One of Rockwell Automation's clients that has, however, has seen daily production nearly double because of the data integration enabled by IoT.

"Extending the information from the process remotely has become a viable way to extend the manufacturing footprint, consolidate expertise if it can't be sourced locally and to manage asset performance more efficiently," Nesi told Forbes.

The specific gains Nesi discussed with the news source were achieved when the manufacturer installed 11 new devices specifically for IoT. The process also involves enabling more remote work and better access to data by integrating smartphones and tablets into the configuration. These issues are central to the way the IoT is disrupting IT frameworks.

Being Inundated With Devices
The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement, on its own, is leaving IT service desk teams struggling to keep up with new incident, problem and change management challenges. Throw in sensors, monitoring devices, robotics solutions, intelligent lighting systems, building automation platforms and similar IoT-related technologies and the support team is looking at an avalanche of devices, applications and services that need to be integrated into the configuration and service strategies.

A recent Business Insider Intelligence study estimated that there are currently approximately 1.9 billion devices that were once inert that are now connecting to the Web as part of IoT plans. By 2018, that figure is set to climb beyond 9 billion.

IT service desk teams need to get ready for all of the new devices coming into play with the IoT and investing in advanced IT service management tools that increase visibility and efficiency plays a vital role in this process.