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Looking for a project to bring to bear your ITIL best practices on? How about IPV6 adoption?

04/18/2011 by: The SunView Team

Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPV6) adoption has been famously slow, and for good reasons. The alarm sounded long ago about the IPV4 address space being exhausted, however most organizations continue to press the "snooze" button. There is evidence that the IPV4 space is tight like this article about Microsoft paying big bucks for a slice of the IPV4 space. Meanwhile, many large broadband providers and governments are already running IPV6 and V4 in parallel. No matter what IPV6 is still coming, and to spur awareness, there's even a worldwide IPV6 day planned.

Hearing news like this, likely still leaves you reaching for the IPV6 snooze alarm. As it turns out, in some ways you may not be aware of, it may already be impacting your organization. For example, many devices in your datacenter and in the hands of users, already have support for IPV6, and may be configured by default in ways that could put you at risk (this article, while quite technical, gives an example).

It may be okay to hit snooze one more time, but don't sleep while waiting for the alarm to sound again. Your organization should be developing a plan for dealing with IPV6. One approach is outlined in this article which gives four steps to prepare for IPV6. As the article clearly explains, this is a fairly significant undertaking. An undertaking that should help you demonstrate the ROI of the ITIL-based change management processes and change management software your organization invested time instituting.