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Lessons in Savings from Hybrid Cars for Hybrid Clouds

09/23/2011 by: The SunView Team

Hybrid cars were the buzz a couple of years ago. Gas prices were soaring and the big selling point of these vehicles (offered at a premium no less) was the better fuel efficiency, and in turn, savings on gas. This sounds like a win - especially if you drive a lot. For others, it really wasn't a savings and with dependability and repair costs being ambiguous, it might actually cost them more (minus the good feelings from a smaller carbon footprint).

So, here we are again. A new hybrid has stepped in - the hybrid cloud. A hybrid cloud consists of at least one private cloud and at least one public cloud (e.g. Amazon and Google). Since most organizations are already utilizing a cloud solution in some fashion - typically through SaaS or storage, is it time for them to have a strategy for moving to this new hybrid?

Yes. Here at The ITSM Lens, a strategy of any sort is always preferred - especially when we all know the public cloud has had mixed reliability in recent time - a focus being on issues with outages and security. Luckily, in the recent Amazon outage, the data was safe, it was just unavailable. So, when you begin to strategize, you need to decide if you have records or files that aren't critical or confidential. If that's the case, a public cloud is a perfect fit because it is cost efficient and low maintenance. However, if you have important information that you want total control over, a private cloud would be your best bet. Having total control of your firewall and visibility is necessary when housing important or confidential information.

So, going back to our hybrid car example, will the hybrid cloud save you money? For some, just like its auto industry cousin, it might. For many businesses though, if a proper strategy is in place, you definitely will have the best solution with a blend of non-critical items hosted cheaply (public cloud) and your critical and often confidential information hosted in-house (private cloud) so it stays safe, which is really invaluable.