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Learning Service Management From Cloud Data Centers

05/12/2014 by: The SunView Team

IT service management

Scalability, efficiency and automation are all hallmarks of cloud data centers. This emphasis on accelerated and precise operations creates a climate where advanced service management tools are absolutely essential to meeting internal and end-user requirements. A recent report from The Data Center Journal highlighted that cloud providers are managing their facilities in ways that are different from traditional models. The distinct elements of cloud data centers create an operational framework where advanced service management tools are critical.

Looking at Operations in a Cloud Data Center
The news source explained that cloud providers are able to deliver advanced services at a low cost by building their operations around automation and scalability. In the past, most data centers were built around processes that focused on deploying hardware and managing it effectively. Hardware was king in the legacy data center, but automation is central to operations in cloud facilities. Many vendors have begun using automation to eliminate the manual processes that come into play when deploying new storage machines and servers.

Altering the data center configuration can be an incredibly complex and difficult process, but automation alleviates many operational burdens by eliminating the need to spend times at terminals handling the various management tasks that go into system implementation. The report said that cloud providers must be prepared to continually build out new infrastructure and applications to meet end-user requirements. Doing this efficiently enables vendors to reduce costs and keep customers happy. This is made possible by automating as many processes as possible so hardware can be configured in a plug-and-play manner.

Automation and advanced server management capabilities enable cloud providers to deliver low-cost, scalable services to customers. Businesses can apply these capabilities internally, even if they aren't supporting private clouds, to create value through technical innovation.

Apply Cloud Data Center Principles in Traditional IT Settings
Cloudification is a buzz term that you're likely to hear often moving forward. Many experts believe that increased use of cloud computing across many business settings has left many businesses needing to apply core cloud principles to their internal IT solutions. Cloud vendors focus on scalability and create the service management framework they need to make sure they can support change without significant disruption.

Businesses that want to apply these principles to their internal IT systems to keep up with the pace of the cloud can do so by implementing change management and similar IT service desk tools. These solutions allow organizations to eliminate inefficiency and more effectively monetize their technology.