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Knowledge Base Solutions Deliver Value to Every Part of the Enterprise

11/18/2014 by: The SunView Team

Knowledge centers and similar solutions play a key role in giving both business and technology users the information they need to get the job done efficiently. Like other IT service management solutions, systems that build out an organization's knowledge base can drive process efficiency and ensure more stable day-to-day operations. What makes knowledge-focused solutions particularly valuable is that they impact both technology and business users in a positive way.

The potential to benefit everybody through knowledge base solutions is significant. As such, let's look at a few benefits of knowledge centers and how they impact both business and technology users:

FAQ pages
Basic FAQ pages can play a key part in helping users get information they need without having to interact with managers or support personnel. Specifically, this impacts users in different ways:

Business personnel: FAQ pages can serve as an ideal bridge between employees and support workers. Many basic incidents or common issues can be resolved without having to file a support ticket. This ensures that employees can avoid wasted time as they wait for support teams to get back to them when they file a ticket and lets them take control of their own technology choices. Giving employees ownership and responsibility in how they use and manage technology can have a huge impact on worker engagement plans.

Support and IT workers: Your IT service desk teams and IT personnel have so much work to do on a day-to-day basis that saving them from tedious, basic tasks makes their life much easier. Creating FAQ pages that help business users solve their own incidents means that IT and support teams don't have to deal with those issues and have more time to spend on higher thinking tasks.

Intelligent search
A searchable knowledge base puts information at the fingertips of users, making it an invaluable asset for organizations.

Business users: In many cases, enterprise employees have an issue, but don't know where to begin when looking to find help. An intelligent search function means that your business users don't need to know exactly what they're looking for to match a specific keyword and find the information they want. Instead, the more nuanced search functionality ensures that users can more easily find solutions to their problems.

Support and IT teams: An intelligent search solution is invaluable for support teams as well because they can't afford to waste time poring through poorly organized search results. An intelligent search will prioritize search results, saving IT and support workers from wasted time trying to sort through irrelevant information.

Knowledge reports
Blog posts, reports and other informational pieces that disperse knowledge throughout an organization are vital, and in this case, the benefits are separate for business, IT and support workers:

Business teams: Effectively putting technology knowledge into the hands of non-IT workers will help them make better decisions. For example, writing about which mobile devices work well with an organization's IT setup can help business users make good choices when trying to connect to their network with a personal mobile device.

Support workers: Support teams stand to gain considerably from blog posts and other materials that help them understand the technical complexity behind the various issues they deal with on a day-to-day basis. This knowledge can help support workers make more intelligent decisions with greater efficiency.

IT users: Knowledge-related content lets IT workers identify key issues impacting support and business users and get them up to speed on what they need to know. This doesn't just improve technology knowledge within an organization, it means that IT teams will usually be left with fewer repetitive issues to deal with because of user error.

Knowledge is a major asset for any business, and creating a knowledge center can ensure that various types of information end up paying dividends for all user groups.