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ITSM Solutions Can Help CIOs and CFOs Get on the Same Page

09/19/2014 by: The SunView Team

CIOs and CFOs are often positioned as opposing forces within organizations, but establishing efficient IT service management practices can help bridge the gap between technology and business leaders.A recent InformationWeek report authored by a CIO in the higher education sector explained that the traditional view of CIOs and CFOs as opposing forces is beginning to disappear as technology and business alignment becomes more important. Along the way, organizations often find themselves in a position in which they need to maximize the value of their IT investments.

Understanding the Evolving Relationship Between CIOs and CFOs
The report's author explained that at an earlier time in his career the CFO at the organization welcomed him to the organization by calling IT the "toilet that keeps on flushing." This perception of IT is common, but the writer explained that his initial frustration with how the CFO was looking at IT was a bit misguided. In fact, the CFO was right. Over time, the issue became clear - IT investments rarely delivered a clear and measurable return. The result was a perception that IT wasn't delivering value. Technology was just a department that kept eating funds without demonstrating a return.

50 Questions for Building ITSM Requirements

Of course, anybody working in technology will tell you that the money is well worth spending, the key is learning how to demonstrate the return on investment associated with IT investments. This can help bridge the divide between CIO and CFOs, but the gap can also be dealt with by understanding the underlying motivations that both leaders have. According to the news source, CIOs and CFOs are trying to achieve the same thing. They both want to maximize operational efficiency, minimize downtime and effectively serve internal customers to deliver business value.

These common goals can come together to unite CIOs and CFOs, but effective tools are needed to establish this relationship effectively. IT service management solutions play a key part in this process.

Using ITSM Tools to Enable Better Collaboration Between CIOs and CFOs
An advanced IT service desk featuring ITSM modules like a CMDB and release management improve IT efficiency to such a degree that considerable value is created. At the same time, advanced change management solutions can help companies support a change advisory board - a group of both business and technology leaders that collaborate on change-related issues. Business intelligence tools can also help service desk teams evaluate themselves and the IT configuration more effectively and use reporting tools to show business leaders how IT is creating value. All told, a variety of ITSM tools can help CIOs and CFOs work effectively toward their common goals.