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ITSM, Service Request Management and ISO/IEC 20000

02/18/2013 by: The SunView Team

It is always terrific to read articles by others that validate your work. We all want to have our work validated, and that is exactly what I read the other day. In her article What is the Real Scope of ISO/IEC 20000?, Erin Casteel notes that as the Convener of the working group responsible for the series, they were very specific not to make the standards IT specific.

"All requirements in this part of the ISO/IEC 20000 are generic and are intended to be applicable to all services providers, regardless of type, size and the nature of the services delivered."

That is the exact reasoning behind the expansion of the ChangeGear Service Request Management module. Read more about Service Request Management on the SunView Software website. If you are looking for ITIL best practices, download the offer below.

In an older post from 2008, I really like the way this blog connects ITIL and ISO - ISO/IEC 20000 Essentials.

ISO/IEC 20000, ITILISO20000, and ITIL are complementary, in a sense that:

  • ITIL is a best practices framework which enables business organizations to establish a common language and understand + establish essential ITSM processes. ITIL says how things SHOULD BE.
  • ISO20000 is a standard that enables business to implement and measure best practices. The main point is that the norm helps to objectively test if those practices have really been adopted. It says how things HAVE TO BE. And who is responsible if they aren't.

And that is where the 2 articles point directly to Service Request Management being used beyond IT. Adding Service Request Management to the arsenal of tools used by the IT Organization is great. It can help to separate the standard requests from the more involved incidents. This will allow your Service Desk to improve the level of service, drive improved ROI and dramatically improve user satisfaction.

The next logical step would be to drive this level of process improvement into the enterprise as a whole. Imagine becoming not just the center of IT support, but being able to actually empower your departmental teams to drive process improvement based on your ITIL implementation. For example, the IT department is often directly involved in new employee on-boarding - managed by HR. The IT Organization needs to set up phones, server access, desktop and or laptop computers, and BYOD synchronization. Of course, the on-boarding does not stop with IT. Facilities might need to supply everything from parking permits to access cards and more.

By using Service Request Management as the basis for the process of on-boarding, you can help insure consistent implementation and increased efficiency. And it can be managed by HR with no real ITIL knowledge required. Remember, the scope of ISO/IEC 20000 is beyond IT and it is time for the IT Organization to be more than the IT process owner. Think outside of your team and drive enterprise-wide adoption of ITIL processes.