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ITSM Maturity Critical As CIOs Become Brokers

11/19/2014 by: The SunView Team

Cloud computing, the bring-your-own-device movement and other emerging IT trends are coming together to change the way organizations deliver IT services. On the surface, these trends are making it look as if IT service management frameworks like the IT Infrastructure Library are obsolete. However, a closer look at how new service delivery models function reveals that ITSM is actually becoming more important. This is fueling changes to ITIL and a renewed focus on mature IT service desk operations, Information Age reported.

Andrew Brabban, director of application services, emerging technologies and solutions at Fujitsu, told the news source that emerging technologies have hit a tipping point in which CIOs are taking on completely new roles in organizations.


A new world for CIOs
Brabban told Information Age that CIOs are no longer serving in traditional technology roles, but are instead becoming brokers that help organizations establish a framework in which employees can quickly and easily access cloud and mobile services.

"While CIOs remain drivers of their organizations' IT strategies, equally they have recognized that the rest of the business needs greater freedom to decide which systems to buy or use," Brabban told the news source. "In supporting this shift, many are reinventing themselves as brokers or advisors, which in turn might shift to something closer to the federated model."

Brabban's statements echo a broad trend toward strategic service management in IT departments, and mature ITSM solutions play an integral role in helping CIOs function effectively in their role as brokers.

Getting the service desk ready for new strategic roles
Becoming a broker means creating an IT operational framework that supports flexibility and responsiveness for users. This is the essence of the consumerization of IT - turn IT into a storefront that users can leverage to enable better business functionality.

A company's ITSM strategy plays a critical role in making this happen. A functional service desk that ensures users get immediate support is only the beginning of enabling broker-like functionality. Service catalogs, knowledge centers and self-service portals are needed to deliver the storefront that users increasingly need.

Creating this functionality depends on the flexibility and process efficiency behind what users see, and you can't neglect the back office when responding to consumerization. Advanced change management platforms, CMDB systems and process automation tools combine to create the day-to-day efficiency and transparency necessary to establish the flexible service delivery model users demand.

Enterprise technology trends are pushing CIOs to become brokers, and modern ITSM tools feature the capabilities necessary to meet these demands.