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The ITSM Lens Awards and Year in Review

12/28/2011 by: The SunView Team

The year is coming to an end and it's time to reflect on this past year. Back in April we started this blog to share our knowledge of IT service management with everyone. Considering our steady increase in page views each month, we feel that we are providing useful content. Instead of boring you with the intro, lets jump into the IT stuff and hand out some ITSM Lens Awards.

Hottest Addition to the IT Department this Year: The Service Catalog
By far SunView Software's biggest release of the year was the Service Catalog module. Not only was it our biggest release, but it may have been the most buzzed feature in the industry. A largely manual function before, required that users create entire websites dedicated to IT services. More and more companies are looking to automate the process with a product like ChangeGear in which you can fill all the necessary information out on the back end and have it neatly organized automatically.

Most Requested Feature We Delivered: The iPhone App
Our customers kept on asking us when we would have a mobile app and this year we finally came through. We chose to develop ChangeGear Mobile for the iPhone. Many IT professionals aren't glued to a desk all day, it was necessary to provide a better way for users to access ChangeGear from a smartphone.
BYOD Item of the Year: Kindle Fire
With this being the second Holiday season for the iPad, it will probably be a big seller, but not likely as much as the Kindle Fire which is shiny, new, and has a low sticker price. Most employees will be back in the office this week and that means a ton of people are going to try and setup their Fire (or iPad) with their network. By now you probably have prepared with a Service Catalog item to setup Internet access on an iOS device but it is now time for the Kindle Fire service item. With five million projected to be sold by the end-of-the-year, you can bet some people will be calling the help desk, if they can't figure out how to set it up alone.
Here at the ITSM Lens, we constantly monitor articles to see which are the most popular, so we know what topics our readers enjoy. While we have our "popular posts" section on the right column of the front page, we thought it would be nice to share the most read article of the year.
To close, we want to promise to continue providing relevant and useful articles for IT Service Management. We are always looking for writing ideas so if you would like to hear more about a particular topic please send any suggestions to We look forward to our first full year of content.
Happy New Year!
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