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ITSM Investments Vital as Industries Transition to Digital Operations

10/08/2014 by: The SunView Team

Many industries are turning away from traditional processes and services. In many cases, this means implementing digital solutions that require significant investments in supporting IT infrastructure. This can be an incredibly arduous processes and companies don't just need to shift their budgets around, they need to change how they interact with customers, how they support employees and how they get the job done. With this in mind, strategic IT service management investments often play a critical role in helping organizations transition to new service delivery models. The gaming industry is a clear example of this, as casinos are facing mounting pressure to support Web apps and services.

Looking at IT changes through the gaming industry's lens
According to a recent DCD Intelligence study, legal issues surrounding the gaming industry are allowing casinos and online gambling services to expand their footprint. At the same time, a new demographic of customers is reaching a legal age for gambling, creating opportunities to expand the reach of different solutions. All of this is coming together to create incredible demand for online gambling apps and solutions.

The study explained that this new demand for Web apps and services is leading many gambling companies to invest in data center colocation as their hosting requirements rise and they experience more demand for advanced digital services. Moving forward, colocation providers can expect to see consistent, incremental growth because of the expansion of the online gambling industry.

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Learning from changes in online gaming
As the gambling sector switches to focus on online apps and services, they provide a clear example of what is happening in sectors that have traditionally had their services built around brick-and-mortar locations. Whether an organization is a bank with a branch-focused business model, a government organizations that has historically maintained paper records and expected citizens to come to city hall or a school that is rooted in traditional educational methods, many organizations are facing pressure to respond to an increasingly digital consumer landscape.

Even the grocery industry is seeing new Web-based models emerge as more consumers turn to online portals to complete orders and either pick them up at the store or have them delivered. With so many industries transitioning to digital operations, there is considerable demand for IT service desk models that enable organizations to more effectively respond to the demands of both internal and external customers. Effective ITSM strategies can make a transition to digital services much easier for businesses, and emerging service desk delivery models are making sophisticated solutions more accessible than ever.